Friday, July 29, 2011

I use Shawl By NonieQ :D

jersey striped shawl

Brocade shawl

Cotton shawl with Lace combination

Brocade Motiv shawl

Ruffles cotton Shawl
Cotton shawl with Inner Ninja

# this is official NonieQ's Photo, do not copy and distribute without permit. All Right Reserved .


My full name is Zakiah Husein Bisyir
But since i was kid everyone call me "Noni"
hehe, so I'm better known as noni :D
And just call me Noni, Simple right ? :D

I Graduated from Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta
and majored in Communication advertising class 2006
I really like traveling so much ,So i prefer go traveling than go shopping :D

I really love photography and I will cry everyday if i don't have a camera beside me :D
my dream is that I can be around the world and record it with a photo
I love fashion and makeup.. especially eye-makeup !!!

I like being simple for My daily style.
And sometimes based on my mood for my daily outfits.. :D
"It's not that I wear A branded stuff and a Fantastic clothes, It's because I love to be ME and BE MY SELF !!!"
(remember this words, than you must remember me ;) ting.. )
Anyway fashion describe someone by their clothing and style ...

and makeup are very important for all womans and girls,,,
I think for all people ,because Now a men need some makeup too right ?? :D

and the last but not least :D haha
I loved to be photographed ..but now I'm fat hahaa
so I have to use models for photo shoots NonieQ products :D

I will do my diet,, just wish me luck guyssss ...thathaaa.. ;) 
left :  2008--- right : 2011
yesss... i know Im fat heheee butt i still love fashion,,
And yesss i believe with "BIG IS BEAUTIFUL" hehee
fat does not mean it can not be stylish
so I created some kind of cloth with size free
free size means .. can be used all body, from small to large ...
I hope all my design acceptable to all people, special for women who wear a hijab
because without my customers,My brand "Nonizakiah" is just a name:)
so I'm hope for all your supports
Love you all :*
see ya next post..
salaaam :)

# this is official NonieQ's Photo, do not copy and distribute without permit. All Right Reserved .

Thursday, July 28, 2011

NonieQ Avaibble at Moshaict Boutique

All,, you can come and choise Nonieq collection
NonieQ is all about.. cloth,blouse,pant,shawl,inner,dresses,outwear,skirt,and many moreeee

Photo : taken from Fanpages moshaict
editing  By me :)

# this is official NonieQ's Photo, do not copy and distribute without permit. All Right Reserved .


I can't say anything ... im so happy and thank you so much for MOSHAICT Boutique and of course special thanks for all my lovely costumer
i hOpe in future i can do my best for all costumer who like My product amiiiin InsyaALLAH
Love you all :-*

First MozBazaar n Launching Brand NonieQ

assalamualaikum wr.rb
salaam all..
This is actually only remember a few weeks ago:)
precisely the 24th June 2011 ..

that day just as the first day of the event Mozbazaar .. Nonieq participate as a tenant in the bazaar. and with concurrent Nonieq on 24 June it launched its first brand.
3-day bazaar was held, Alhamdulillah, 90% of goods from NonieQ Sold invaded by the customer who comes .. happyyy :D ...
when launching the brand promo Nonieq give gifts to the shop above 500,000.
and will not forget nonieq very grateful, for the enthusiasm of the customer ...
thanks for all who have shopped at Booth NonieQ and still always chosen to entrust our product ..
I'll see u next time, InsyaALLAh ...

Report Mozbazaar 24-25-26 June 2011

  Location : Moshaict Boutique
  some photo's take by Moshaict fanpages

#this is official NonieQ's Photo, do not copy and distribute without permit. All Right Reserved .

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

About Nonieq Brand

NonieQ is Brand Label made By me ( noni Zakiah)..
NonieQ is All about Fashion especially Modern Fashion Moslem and Hijabs...
all collection is My design from Blouse,skirt,pant,shawl,hijab,inner,dress and moreee,,
This is not about a typical ... because Nonieq offer many options ranging from a variety of color, Various pattern, many choices of materials, and also many models of choice ... so you can choose the model, color and material as you want ... I love Black and neutral colors, my brand is not about what i love, But sometimes you will find a collection with black and neutral colours :)

temporarily Nonieq not sell our products online ... but do not rule out the possibility that later we will open the Online Shop .. Hopefully ...

for you who live in Jakarta and surrounding, you can directly come to the Moshaict Boutique  @Jl.raden saleh No.55 cikini Jakarta

I hope you guys will love the product of NonieQ


Love You all,,,, 

lots of Love

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