Friday, July 29, 2011


My full name is Zakiah Husein Bisyir
But since i was kid everyone call me "Noni"
hehe, so I'm better known as noni :D
And just call me Noni, Simple right ? :D

I Graduated from Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta
and majored in Communication advertising class 2006
I really like traveling so much ,So i prefer go traveling than go shopping :D

I really love photography and I will cry everyday if i don't have a camera beside me :D
my dream is that I can be around the world and record it with a photo
I love fashion and makeup.. especially eye-makeup !!!

I like being simple for My daily style.
And sometimes based on my mood for my daily outfits.. :D
"It's not that I wear A branded stuff and a Fantastic clothes, It's because I love to be ME and BE MY SELF !!!"
(remember this words, than you must remember me ;) ting.. )
Anyway fashion describe someone by their clothing and style ...

and makeup are very important for all womans and girls,,,
I think for all people ,because Now a men need some makeup too right ?? :D

and the last but not least :D haha
I loved to be photographed ..but now I'm fat hahaa
so I have to use models for photo shoots NonieQ products :D

I will do my diet,, just wish me luck guyssss ...thathaaa.. ;) 
left :  2008--- right : 2011
yesss... i know Im fat heheee butt i still love fashion,,
And yesss i believe with "BIG IS BEAUTIFUL" hehee
fat does not mean it can not be stylish
so I created some kind of cloth with size free
free size means .. can be used all body, from small to large ...
I hope all my design acceptable to all people, special for women who wear a hijab
because without my customers,My brand "Nonizakiah" is just a name:)
so I'm hope for all your supports
Love you all :*
see ya next post..
salaaam :)

# this is official NonieQ's Photo, do not copy and distribute without permit. All Right Reserved .

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