Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Me At mozbazaar ramadhan

Skirt Belt By NonieQ by Noni Zakiah
Pink T-shirt (unbranded)
Blazer by ZaRa
Shawl By NonieQ by nonizakiah

Hareem pant by NonieQ by NoniZakiah
Tanktop black By Mango
Yellow Blouse Unbrandded
shoes by Ghost
shawl by nonieQ by NoniZakiah

MozBazaar Ramadhan 2011

salaam Friends,,, Im back... Long time no see My post yaaa :-( 
now time to flash back about MozBazaar Ramadhan 2011,,
hope u all like :D


Shawl and Inner Ready

All collection ready for bazaar

just choose your favourite colors...

not ready open but some costumer come to me.. thank youuuu :*

thank you all my lovely for your respon,,,

Alhamdulillah :)

puput melaty,, My best costumer n nice friends....kiss kiss

dita ayu my best costumer,,

Edies Adelia,, want to buy Hareem pant...

edies adelia in my counter,,,

thank you kak edies,,, shoping with nonieq ..kiss kiss

with Kak shinta (direktur moshaict boutiq & kak irma from monel)

with lovely Puput utami n Cute Ghaida

with my mungil photograper hahahaa denis surya "muaachh

with kak sinta (owner Moshaict) , kak irma from Monel , n Ria miranda

last day bazaar ramadhan 2011

serbuuuu hehee

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amazing respon,,thank you sista2 yg cantik2 "kisskiss

Alhamdulillah makasi atas responnyaaa

i just try ,the best i can do for service my costumer :)

i just love my all costumer who always support me :)

Alhamdulillah terimaksih smuaaaaa

80% my colllection sold,,,thank you alll

thank youuuuu

im nothing without my costumer,,, love u all so muchhhh

Hijaberscomm model... muthia + fany + nina.,,

last day kak edies adelia back to my stand,,thank yuuuuu

with edies adelia ... The indonesian Artist :)

Muthia .. lulu Aluyya .. wulan + restu mainland ... Noni Nonieq .. Ria miranda .. Irma Monel and Rimma Bawazier

Hy my friends n lovely costumer,,, see u all in next Mozbazaar yaaa...
just cant wait to see youuuuu dear all......
love youuuu

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