Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Face On

MakeOver My BestFriends :D

I want to Introduce My bestfriend...
Her Name Is Galuh Ajeng Kartika Wulandari..
she's My lovely bestfriend seens Primary school
her birthday is 21 april 1987
She's From Jogjakarta n now she's lives in Germany for her study..
she's a architect , call her galuh or tika or ajeng :D
i call her tika,, tika love traveling , fashion, and she is so friendly with all people
miss her so muchhhhhh.......................
i remember , before she go to germany , i makeover her with hijab style...
so this some her beautiful picture :D

this picture is Her photo Before MakeUp For photoshoot
  Tika With Sporty Hijab Style...Look SO cool and very beautyful,,,

Tika with Traveling Hijab style...

Tika with Harajuku Hijab style,,, Cool .....

Tika with Feminin Hijab style , look so girl n beautiful,,

Tika with Teen Girl Hijab style...cuteee...

All wardrope By NoniZakiah and Galuh Ajeng Kartika
Location : Old city (Kota tua) Jakarta , Indonesia
Hijab Style By Noni Zakiah
Stylish By Noni Zakiah
Photogrhaphy By Noni Zakiah
Make up By Noni Zakiah

Special Thanks for my dearest bestfriend Galuh ajeng kartika,,,love u beibh
I miss u much here :-*


Must Bring it them :D

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