Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Mother Day Mama...

I almost cried when reading this:
I have a life partner ...
When happy, I'm looking for my partner
When im sad, I'm looking for my mama
When successful, I tell my partner first
When it fails, I tell mama
When happy, I hug my partner closely
When sad, I hug my mama tight
When the holidays, I bring my partner traveling
When I'm busy, I entrusted the child to the mama House
When the wedding anniversary, always give a gift to the couple.
  when the mother day, all I can say "Happy Mother's Day, maaah"
I always remember my partner
And MAMA always remember me..
Each time, I'll call my partner
If remember, I'll call mama
I always buy a gift for my partner
Who knows when I'll buy a gift for mamah

if our mama say...
"When you've finished studying and working ...
may you Send money for mama?
Mama did not ask for much ... fifty a month was enough ".

Tear loose if we hear it ........
But if mama was gone ..........
How many are able to feed her mother ....
how many are able to wipe the vomit mother .....
how many are able to change nappies mother .....
how many are capable of ..... clean the impure mother .......
how many are able to ...
... ... caterpillar dump and clean the wound scab mother ....
how many are able to quit my job to keep her mother ....
And the end was how many people can worship his mother's corpse .....???
and this is my mamah...
name Najibah Haidaroh...
she's My heroine in My Life,,,
I love mamah so much,,
mamah ,, I really miss u,,
my mamah now lives in Jogjakarta,,
she's Quenn in my heart,,
the best Mother, best Women, Best friends...
I Love u mamaah,,,,,
HaPPy Mother Day,,, BaraKaLLah :*
I Love U tiLL the end mamah,,
I will Always love u Donya wa Akherat :)

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    u have a wonderful blog your blog..
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