Monday, December 26, 2011

Kuta Beach "Pepper coast"

little story...Kuta ... everyone would analogize or fantasizing directly to the beach with white sand ramps in the south of Bali. Yup, Kuta was once synonymous with the most famous beaches in the world. But not just any beach of Kuta in south Bali, precisely also in the south island of Lombok is also there with the name of Kuta beach as well.
In Lombok, the beach is also known as "pepper coast", because the sand grains are shaped like a pepper with a slightly yellowish-white color to the size of a grain of pepper and if you step on our feet and legs will feel like drowning rather difficult step. The beach sand is not only pepper that can be seen, but we're treated to views of the hills of rock that juts into the sea and with the background too barren hills.
yaaa,,,Its a beautiful beach..

bad face in my photos here ... hehe
from the airport, our trip to this place with more than 3 hours.
so tired,,,

Location : Kuta beach Lombok,Mataram indonesia
my shirt : unbranded
legging jeans  : mango
striped shawl : unbranded from macca
bag : joger bali jeans

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