Sunday, October 21, 2012


ZALIA DRESS (material jersey spandex motiv)

SPARKLING BOLERO bown (material sequin) + VALINT TULLE SKIRT (material jersey with tulle in outside)

MAYAL ASHIMETRICAL DRESS soft gold (material jersey) + SOKETA PANT (material india songket)

ZAREEN BLOUSE soft pink (material jersey combi gliter) + SOKETA PANT

KAREEN DRESS dusty pink (material ceruti jersey with detail sequin)

Model : Adelle Hijmi
MakeUp artist : Yunita MUA
location : Moshaict studio photo


Friday, August 24, 2012

New Collection NoniZakiah AUGUST 2012

SENORA DRESS (material jersey combi flower cotton) 
SPARKLING BOLERO white (material white Sequin) + SNAKEY SKIRT (material jersey) + snakey shawl
OISHY BLAZER metalic (material semi leather) + AYALA SKIRT ( material leather)
OISHY BLAZER black snake (Material semi leather) + DOROTHA PANT (material two tone denim) + SILK SHAWL
ALFERY CARDI gold ( Material spandek combi siffon) + DOROTHA PANT brown
AMORA ASHYMETRICAL DRESS (material gliter shirt combi cerutti) + DARBY PANT (material spandek rayon)
MAYAL ASHIMETRICAL DRESS black ( material rayon gliter with sequin collar) + DARBY PANT brown
RUMA DRESS red ( Material Lycra with detail leather obi) 
ALFERY CARDI backLove (material jersey combi silk) + AYALA SKIRT (material leather)
ZAREEN BLOUSE ( material jersey combi leather gliter)
BROLIN TOP (material jersey plain combi gliter) + DOROTHA PANT
KAREEN DRESS (material ceruti jersey with detail Sequin)
DAIJA BLOUSE (material gliter jersey combi cotton rayon ) + DARBY PANT
JAVIER DRESS (material jersey spandek gliter)

Model : Faradina amalia
photograper :  Darmawan Fake Photography (085643982415)
stylish Hijab : Hilda Nahdi
Makeup : Novyudianto MUA (081804000608)
crew : Mario kemphes , Nabila Nahdi
Location : Yogyakarta

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Marhaban ya Ramadhan

Marhaban ya ramadhan everyone,,
"mohon maaf lahir batin atas segala khilaf "

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nonizakiah participating at Jogja Fashion Week 2012

Jogja Fashion Week 2012 At jogja expo centre 5th july 2012 start 6pm until finish.....
lets come my ladies and meet me there....i misss jogja so much,, 😄

Anyway ,,,

Nonizakiah present "downtown Angels" for Jogja Fashion Week 2012..I inspired from a fashion street style, i play and make to a muslim style...this collection will available in ramadhan insyaAllah ...i hope u all will like my collection and my show because i will to be the first ,, opening designer !!! BISMiLLah !!!

At day 2 jogja fashion week 2012 is muslim designer show,,,and the designer from jakarta are , me haha noni zakiah,nabilla ayumi, restu anggraini , fitri aulia ,jenahara , casa elana , mimi alysa , indira putri , diana nurliana , monel , kami idea , and at afternoon u will see temisumarlin from temiko ,,,, and anothers designer from jogjakarta ... Lets meet ladies... I just cant wait for this ....

More info follow @jogfashionweek

Saturday, April 21, 2012

LASCIVA PUELLA - NoniZakiah Spring/summer 2012

NoniZakiah Present New Collection !!!
Spring/Summer 2012
Lasciva puella means... a Playful style but Look simple and cool ...
this spring/summer!!! enjoy my collection ladiessss...
Elena top + Lolo pant

Ollina dress + Oshila cardi

Spring Jumpsuit + Oshila Cardi

Sabreen Top + Lucino WidePant

Luna Babydoll

Lollina dress

Tekiyo top + Lolo pant

all this photo just teaser,,, will upload more photo and detail...

keep stylish all..

Model : Siti Juwariyah
Photography : Hijab photograph
Stylish Hijab : Indadari Salon Jilbab
Make Up artist : Vivie Thalib MUA
special thanks : Ambu design
Location : Pasific Place Jakarta
Sponsored By Kaffah scarf

NoniZakiah new CollectioN

At Aquila magazine

a concept : Fashion Flare Hijab By aquila magazine !!!...
Find My collection at Aquila Magazine february 2012
Model wearing My Purple Abuya Blouse

I love thisssss !!!
Thank you Aquila....

Monday, April 2, 2012

HELLO MAKASSAR !!!!!!!!!!!

here we come :D

4 april 2012 until 8 april 2012
Bazaar Fashion by
Mailandheritage - noni zakiah - ambu design - shabilla boutique - monel


 06 April 2012 
6.30pm until finish (18.30 malam)
at Femme Bazaar Grand Clarion Hotel Makassar
*Hijab Tutorial By :
Restu Anggraini - Noni Zakiah - Monel
*Fashion Show By :
Ambu design - Mainland Heritage - Monel - Noni Zakiah - Shabilla

Let's come and Join with us..
this event FOR FREE 
LIMITED SEAT ONLY 100 invitation !!!!!!!!
get a special Goodie Bag From Us :)

see you there Makassar..............

NOTE : How to get the invitation
- Just come and shopping in our booth
- register your name to our SPG
- and come again ini friday 6 April 2012 to get the invitation
- if not come,,the invitation will given to the other muslimah :)
so don't miss it

i just can't wait....... :D
see you there ladiesss

Much Love


Friday, March 30, 2012

Noni Zakiah For Eddies Adelia-Part 1

Eddies Adelia, an Indonesia artist...
yaaa she's look beautiful with Abuya Blouse and hareem pant By Noni Zakiah (me) hehe..
Alhamdulillah Abuya Blouse Now Be a trendsetter in muslim fashion :)

Eddies Adelia outfit :
Abuya Blouse By Noni Zakiah
Hareem pant By Noni Zakiah
flower scarf By missmarina
Location : Benteng vandenberg Jogjakarta

this photo taken after Ramadhan 2011
Now all people request to repeat production abuya blouse...
Thank all :)
Thank you kak eddies for use my collection...

Noni Zakiah

The beautiful Nada

Cotton Candy 
By Indah Nada Puspita

Beautiful Nada With Emelin Top By NoniZakiah...
So gorgeous
very inspiring...
Love u..
thank you so much dear nada,,,


All Picture Taken From Nada's Blog
Photograph By Adhiguna (Nada's Boyfriend :p )
Location MozBazaar march 2012


Must Visit
twitter : @nadashouts



Monday, March 26, 2012

Hijab tutorial By Muthia

salaam dears....
I just want to share about hijab tutorial from 1 of my favorite blogger Muslim...
ya muthia...
Why i share her tutorial here... because she wear My collection hahaha
and i like her style so muchhh...
and you all... enjoy and happy to try this style :)


  Prepare your inner, your favorite shawl or scarf, and pin

1. Wear inner that you like, just make sure your hair is neatly closed, then manage your shawl or scarf one side shorter than the other side.
2. Take the longest side to your ear then secure it.
3. So that you still can see that one side shorter and one side longest.
4. Twist and bring up the longest side to your head and secure it.
5. Back to the shorter side, take the midle of your shawl or scarf side and bring up to your head then pin it that will make a drappery look.
6. Then do the same with your longest side
So here it is my daily hijabstyle look like, my inspiration came from Hana Tajima hijabstyle look like, its so Easy dont you think? i call it messy hehehe because it look like messy to me."Muthia said"
 Muthia Outfit :
Top : Supergirl wingsuit by NoniZakiah
shabana Dhotipant by Noni Zakiah
Shawl : Misla Webstore

Photograph By Mas Giovanni :p (Muthia's Husband)

All this picture and tutorial taken from muthia's Blog...
Just Visit Muthia Blog for more inspiration

Thank You so much dear..Muthiaaaa...
Always Love Your style and
Keep Inspirate :-*
Thank you to mas Vanni :D haha..(sok akrab yg ini)


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