Monday, March 26, 2012

Hijab tutorial By Muthia

salaam dears....
I just want to share about hijab tutorial from 1 of my favorite blogger Muslim...
ya muthia...
Why i share her tutorial here... because she wear My collection hahaha
and i like her style so muchhh...
and you all... enjoy and happy to try this style :)


  Prepare your inner, your favorite shawl or scarf, and pin

1. Wear inner that you like, just make sure your hair is neatly closed, then manage your shawl or scarf one side shorter than the other side.
2. Take the longest side to your ear then secure it.
3. So that you still can see that one side shorter and one side longest.
4. Twist and bring up the longest side to your head and secure it.
5. Back to the shorter side, take the midle of your shawl or scarf side and bring up to your head then pin it that will make a drappery look.
6. Then do the same with your longest side
So here it is my daily hijabstyle look like, my inspiration came from Hana Tajima hijabstyle look like, its so Easy dont you think? i call it messy hehehe because it look like messy to me."Muthia said"
 Muthia Outfit :
Top : Supergirl wingsuit by NoniZakiah
shabana Dhotipant by Noni Zakiah
Shawl : Misla Webstore

Photograph By Mas Giovanni :p (Muthia's Husband)

All this picture and tutorial taken from muthia's Blog...
Just Visit Muthia Blog for more inspiration

Thank You so much dear..Muthiaaaa...
Always Love Your style and
Keep Inspirate :-*
Thank you to mas Vanni :D haha..(sok akrab yg ini)



  1. hahahhaaa noniiiiii jadi maluuuu ekyeee hahahahhaa
    btw cyiin suami ekye bilang panggil oggie ajaa hahahahahaha
    yg lisabeth dah diliat belum?hahahhaaa

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  3. assalamualaikum
    nice share


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