Monday, March 26, 2012

Middle East Queen :D --- Different me

Black meet Gold..Ya I love this combine..but this time,,
i try to be different..It's Not me...Because I dont like to much accesoriss :D..
But with Dress Full Black Plain...with Accesoriss Fully Gold...and Turban Style...
I feel Like a Middle East Queen Hhehee :D

BlackDress : Resyami Multidress by NoniZakiah
Accesoriss By Cloris
Layer twotone shawl By NoniZakiah
Special Thanks  ; 
PhotoGraphy : Gendis Photowork
MakeUp : Dewi Gendis
Hijab style : Hilda Nahdi
Stylish : Dewi Gendis + Hilda
Location : Ruang Cafe Yogyakarta
editing : NoniZakiah + Gendis Photowork


Note : In Glass Is not a beer :D haha just Cola :D


  1. the jewelry is crazy ; I love it !

  2. fierce and lovely at the same time :) ~sisca

  3. Cantik banget kak <3
    Middle east bngt dah :D

  4. I came across your blog yesterday, Mashallah, really stunning

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