Tuesday, May 27, 2014

HELLO KUALA LUMPUR... "throwback 2011"

Hai guys...
this post i will share about our last trip in september 2011..
after singapore - bangkok - phuket... now we will go to Kuala lumpur-Malaysia..
in KL we stay about 5days, but just some picture we take,because we just go to shopping shopping and shopping hahaa,,,
this is our picture in KL..
hope u enjoy ...
and yesss malaysia truely asia,,i really love this country..

twin tower KLCC

GENTING highland


Dinner around BB plaza "chicken barbeque"

hello corn..

enjoy holiday..

HANTU KAK LIMAH BALIK RUMAH "so cute movie title"

meet beautiful hijabi...so nice to meet u dear...

duo "the tall and the tiny man"

hope u enjoy my picture friends...
see u next post..

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