Saturday, May 24, 2014


haji guys..
here aim again :D
i wanna share again about my trip to phuket thailand..
day 2 here.. just going to shopping in around patong beach..
so here we are..
we just enjoy our time and shop till drop haha so forget to take a pic in patong beach :-(

after shopping ,now we will go back to the hotel, and the driver will pick up at 7pm.we will going to see the famous cabaret "SIMON CABARET". Simon cabaret in phuket has been a successful international attraction for two decades and there is no need to tell you what makes simon cabaret famous.. it's not the stage design or the feathers or shiny costumes, it's not the performance,which by the way is good,.but No!!! it is all about the "LADYBOYS PHOENOMENON" and phuket simon cabaret certainly can afford the prettiest ones. so yes, you should add it to your list of things to do while in phuket,it's definitely worth it… let's enjoy the show and meet all the lady boy ...

with the icon simon cabaret..

the stage,,like watching a theater i think...

this is some picture from the show…so difficult to take a pick when show begin.because the security.

Taking photos is not allowed inside Simon Cabaret.

this is not a "sex" show ya guys,,, this show only for have fun,,just like watch a concert or theater..

After an hour the show ends and the sexy 'girls' will be waiting for you at the entrance of the building with a big smile on their pretty faces. This is your chance to get a photo of them or with them, and this is their chance to get some extra cash from you. In any case, a tip will be required, expect to be asked for a 100 baht.

he is the barbie from simon cabaret...
Walking into the Simon Cabaret show theatre in Patong,is just like entering a movie house. There's the same Kenny G saxophone music, the same plush seats and the same dimmed lights. It's only when a basso profundo voice announces the show and the curtain rises on live performers glistening with sequins and shimmering with feathers that things are different.

Yes, this is real live showtime and the flash and flesh are pure Vegas except for one thing – the 'girls' on stage are actually men. Since 1991 Simon Cabaret has been entertaining visitors with camp, glitter and cornball and it still is one of the island's biggest SHow..

so enjoy my post guys… see u next post ..kiss ya… :)

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