Sunday, June 1, 2014


Sisterhood by Dian Pelangi , 14-15 June 2012 in FX Sudirman is an event gathering ahead of Ramadan. Ranging from talk shows , makeup tutorials , fashion show , bazaar , gala dinner , launching books and so on . And here I got an opportunity to join the Fashion SHow.

And the event consist of :
Meet and Greet Hana Tajima and Dina Tokio (International blogger)
Book Launching hijab street style by Dian Pelangi
meet malaysian bloggers Shea Rasol ,Jesmine Zaidan and Ami Schaheera
Sing Performance by : Marshanda, Fitri Muslimah and Ina Rovi
Fashion show celebrities : Zascia Mecca, Meyda Sefira, Nadya Almira, Risty Tagor
Fashion shows by Dina Tokio, Treimee, Noni Zakiah (me:) ,Qonita and Dian Pelangi 

The event was so amazing, because a lot of people came from different regions and countries.I also very happy to get an opportunity to chat directly with these international bloggers . especially my favourite "Dina tokio" hehehe..
well how about Hana Tajima and Dina Tokio??  i think Hana is a bit shy, her voice low and hana almost never go to the mall alone, i think she just stay in her room :D. While Dina is more crowded ,she's so Humble and she was more outspoken, Dina Always hangout with her Mother and shopping around the mall,. she's very very good with her fans ... They are very cool and nice in my opinion!!!

so.. this is some picture from sisterhood 2012..

Me,Dina tokio and Dian pelangi

DIna tokio

Dina tokio when she's come to my booth

yes my english is very bad, but i try my best to chitchat with her hahaha

Have fun :) see u again InshaALLAH dina...

Me and Hana Tajima

with dina Tokio again and again :D

Me with Shea Rasol

Me with Ami Schaheera

Me with Jesmine Zaidan

Rani Hatta , Me , And Indah Nada Puspita

Gala DInner with all friends...

Salute to Dian Pelangi , she made this amazing event..
see u next post :)

credit link :
Dian Pelangi :
Dina Tokio :
Hana Tajima :
Shea Rasol :
Ami Schaheera :
Jezmine zaidan :
Indah Nada Puspita :

Salaam Sisterhood :)

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