Sunday, June 29, 2014


Yeayyy finally i meet my childhood idol..
I know this is just his wax but i really really happy can hug his wax..haha
I hope someday i can meet him in person !!! Amiinnn

Little story bout me n him: Shahrukh khan !!! my king !! yes ,,it's just his wax but i scream like the real Shahrukh in my eyes..haha i dont want to stop hug him,, another tourist here are waiting for me and i just hug him and hug him.. some tourist angry with me but another are laugh,, they say " hay girl ,its just a wax,,why u hug like that! ahaha.."
and then the security comes,, and say to me ,that some tourist waiting for take a pic with shahrukh wax toooo...and IM CRY the security say to the tourists for give me more time, .its crazy i know!!!! dan saya puasssss meluk patung shahrukh khan yg sejak umur 8 taon aku idolakan !!!!!!!!!!!!
wajar lah ya.. this year 2014.. I still Love shahrukh khan !!! so 18 tahun sudah saya mengidolakan dia :D
in december 2012 i meet shahrukh khan when he comes to indonesia but i cant take a pic with him "security indonesia yg LEbay parah !!! pdhl uda usahaaa dan ALHAMDULILLAH i success to shake hand with him and say I LOVE YOU SIR , I REALLY LOVE YOU SIR !!!! and that word make him smile for me !!!!!!! DIEEEEEEEEE ....

i will try try try to meet you again sir..............hahaa
love u as always....
I hope someday.. i can meet my shahrukh khan..i just want to hug wish !!! :D

so here our picture lalala :D 
peace !!!

Enjoy my Holiday...
see u next post all..
thathaaaa :D

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