Thursday, June 12, 2014


Day 2 in Macau Island
I will go to senado square , Ruins Of St. Paul , Grand Lisboa Hotel n Casino and walk around macau city..
So  enjoy the pictures:D

Senado Square (Largo do Senado - Portuguesse) is a public square in Macau. It is located in the central area of the Macau Peninsula.There are shopping centers and traditional Chinese restaurants around the square. Fashion clothes, famous snacks and the scenic environment make it a famous attraction. 

Walk to north and you will arrive at the RuĂ­nas de S. Paulo (Ruins of St. Paul). This is the most famous landmark in Macau. Right at the east of the "Ruins Of St. Paul"  is the "Museu de Macau (Macau Museum)" in which historical relics of Macau are exhibited. Walk to the southeast along the Av. De Almeida Ribeiro (San Ma Lo) from the square, and you will find the Grand Lisboa, which is a casino hotel and is known for its magnificence.

So I just walking around and enjoy the day in Macau... :)

MCMXXXI building
Centro De Tourist

The Senado Square Landmark
The Senado Square Macao

The Street To Ruins Of St. Paul..
The Famous And Must Visited in Macau : Ruins Of St. Paul
Here I am .. Cathedral Of St. Paul

Lost in Macau

See the Chinesse market Around street ??

The Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino
Landmark Casino Lisboa

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