Monday, June 30, 2014


My sister wedding was held on 03 May 2014
in madu chandya Yogyakarta Building
"Akad nikah" begins at 7 pm..
after the akad nikah ceremony followed by a reception..
I Handle this wedding ceremony to help my parent..
Alhamdulillah Done and success !!!
Hilda and Said the wedding..
here some picture from that night...
enjoy :)

Thankyou So much for all my big family who help this Ceremony !!!
thankyou For Samira Abdat "08567836050" for the Best Wedding Makeup and Dress !!
Thankyou for Rubisaid Photograph "081804538239" and Darmawan triatmojo for documentation ..
Thankyou for Valerie Decoration "Mahkota decor" (087839522269) for the Amazing decoration ...
Thankyou For mba Atta sofhia and team for family makeup and hijabstyle !!!
Thankyou for Ali alhabsyi + kak febby and Annisa Happy !!!
thank you thankyou thankyou for everyone who help and Make it happen !!!
hugs you all :D

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