Thursday, June 12, 2014


Macau is the first and the last place in Asia to be colonized by European. By Portuguese, to be exact. They came to Macau approximately four hundred years ago and this city became an overseas territory of Portugal until 1999. When you walk around Macau, you'll see some European style buildings and the street names are in Chinese and Portuguese.

One thing that makes Macau really well-known: its casinos. Some say Macau earns more revenue than Las Vegas. Besides gambling, the tourism industry in Macau is also booming. and i really love macau,, 
Yes this is the city of Light.. i just stay in macau for 2 days.. 

Macau Night view..
Behind me is The Macau Tower.. I cannot Go there so i just take a pic here :D

Behind me : The Famous Hotel and Casino in Macau "Grand Lisboa"

Senado square at night... 
I enjoy this night trip with this Pedicap... :D 
Oke friends
see you next post
still about Macau :D

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