Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Salaam ..
Hello everyone..How are u friends ? Hope all of you in good condition..
and How about your Ramadhan ??
Oyaa...hmmm Im forget to say ,, 
Ramadhan Mubarak everyone..Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin :)
Enjoy your Ramadhan with family and people you love!!!

This time i want to share my outfits of the day..,its about a ripped jeans and sweatshirt..
I really Love wearing sweatshirt..I think its cool and simple for muslim wear...
And who don't love Jeans??? 
so this is how I match my ripped jeans and my sweatshirt..
and I make my look more bright with a little touch of magenta...
How I look ? I hope u guys like my outfits :D

Oke enjoy my photos..
and RAMADHAN KAREEM once again all ....
hugs from here :)

My outfits 
Sweatshirt : Mango www.mango.com
Ripped jeans : bought in Singapore
Bag : P.L.A @plastyle @uttaracomm www.pla-style.com
Shoes : A friend's gift from Italy "barbara boccaccini"

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