Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hello Lovies,How's your day ? Always hope all of you have an awesome day..
As usual, this is every woman's monthly sickness :-(
So i cannot give my newest OOTD photos. Because I'm still on my bed ;-(
Oke here my post about Jakarta Fashion Week 2015...

Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 was held from 1 - 7 November 2015 at Senayan City Mall,Jakarta ,Indonesia. And I got my invitation to attend and support my Lovely friends Dian pelangi and Restu Anggraini.

Anyway buddies, sorry i don't bring my camera and all the catwalk photos from google.. Enjoy...
The show....

Dian Pelangi - Miss Palembang In New York

Etu by Restu Anggraini - Metropolished

And this is what i wore to the show.
As always im in the mood for Black :D and Gold...
Mix my new bomber silk jacket with gold embroidery details from Suite blanco and Rani Hatta olive flowy skirt. I wore my gold satin shawl with black inner, an unique parfume mini sling bag i bought in Hongkong.
About my makeup, The smokey eyes as always but i make it more elegant and dramatic with added a bit silver glittery powder in corner of my eyes. Anyway i use my chanel illusion d'ombre eye gel in black shine for my eyeshadow, anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade ebony for my eyebrow and mac lipstick in "diva" for my lipstiks, a bit peach blush on from Borjuiss and my BB cream for my face.
This is My look in JFW 2015 day 1...Hope you like it ;)
My makeup and my jacket details.. ;)
Oya here some pictures after the show,,.. Cheers...
With Dina tokio
With mba Ineke koesherawati
With mba Pipik Uje Al-bukhori
Dina Tokio, Me, Novierock , Rani Hatta , Mega iskanti
Ka tintin, Ka Irma, Fanie maulida, Novierock,Me, Ka Minna, Rani hatta, Mimi Alyssa
My love :*

Detail My Outfits :
Satin shawl : NoniZakiah
Bomber silk jacket : Suite Blanco
Flowy skirt : Rani hatta @ranihatta_store (instagram)
Ring : Forever 21
Heels : TLTSN 
Mini Sling Bag : Bought in Hongkong
Location : Senayan City Mall , Jakarta , Indonesia

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