Saturday, November 15, 2014


I go to M.Bromo about a year ago, i go there with my family...Actually im the one who had the idea to go to Bromo,. Yup ... Because Bromo is one place i really wanted to visit. And Bromo is on my Travel bucketlist :D..
Mount Bromo in the eastern part of Java , isn't the tallest of Indonesia's active volcanoes, But i think it is certainly the most visited place in Indonesia.
Mount Bromo is still the one of the most active volcanoes in the world.
Not many place to go in Mount Bromo, But believe me, You can found a magical views surrounding M.Bromo !!!!

If you're visiting Bromo, ask the hardtop driver to take you to Savannah Of Bromo, a green hilly area looks green throughout the year, people used to call it the "Hill Teletubbies" perhaps because it resembles the landscape picture of the green hills where Teletubbies played in the film series :D.
and here my photos... enjoyyy...

Just for your information , to visit Savannah bromo , we must take a package tour with hardtop.Package price to visit four destinations is about 500K - 700K,- depending on the tour seoson and you can go 4 destinations in Bromo.. see you next post buddies :) hugkiss..

Location : Savannah Teletubbies Hills , Mount Bromo , East Java, Indonesia

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