Friday, January 9, 2015


Haiiii....It's ladies night..
Tasya invited me to her twin's wedding, Tasyi.. here about Tasyi's henna night.. I really enjoyed all the ceremony,. Amazing night and the bride really beautiful. Love the concept, the decor, the dress, and all about that night. Thankyou Tasya Tasyi for invited me :) See you in wedding reception,InshaAllah..Kiss...
The bride Tasyi Athasyia
With Their beautiful Mommy and Tasya
Me and Tasya Farasya
Tasya dance performing
Jane Salimar salsa dance
Ka eva, Kak Farida bobsaid, Firza Syuaib, Ka Vivi Thalib, Ka Amira bobsaid,and Me
With my sister , Kak Eva
Me and Maya
Me , Syahira and Sammy Harharah
And this is about my outfits for Tasyi's Henna night. Actually The Theme is "Spanish Senorita" and the dresscode colors is red and gold. I just can't find the spanish look in my closet haha, So I wore my shirt and Gold skirt with my body necklace and flowery bag, oke just keep it simple and think this is a modern senorita hahaha :D #ignoreplease :D Here my look... :)

And the photo booth..
Details : 
Gold satin shawl : Nonizakiah
White shirt : HnM
Gold flowy skirt : Rani Hatta
Body neclace : Forever 21
Bag : Chameo cuture
Heels : TLTSN
Location : Wedding Halls, Ampera, South Jakarta, Indonesia

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