Sunday, February 8, 2015


Hay ho.. This weekend i have more time for blogging, so please don't be bored with my post,hehe. Now I will share about my newest abaya from @Zamara_couture. Super super in love with this modern abaya. A comfortable material and combine with zigzag pattern in black and white (my favorite colors ever,hehe). When opened the package, i suddenly say "I'm in love". :)

I wore my new cashmere turky plain scarf from @Ghaniea in grey color and mix with my Zara jeans,why i mix jeans and my abaya?? Because today i will hangout with my friend Denis, so i think it will be look more casual when i wore trousers or jeans.

By the way about my scarf, I love this scarf so much, so comfortable material. Thankyou so much @zamara_couture for the abaya and @ghaniea for the turky plain scarf, i think it will be my favorite scarf from today hehehe...
So all,, here my looks :) hope you guys like it and have a great Sunday for y'all :)
Me with my favorite nano spray from @culistamakeupartist. I always bring this nanospray wherever i go.
Accidentally i met Kak Eddies Adelia in Plaza Senayan, so here we are take a pic together :) see you again ya kak Eddies :)
With my little buddy hehe Denis
 By the way here some random photos of me haha but i love this scene :D
Details :
Abaya : @Zamara_couture (Instagram)
Turky plain scarf : @Ghaniea (Instagram)
Jeans : Zara
Glasses : D&G
Flats : Ferragamo
Sneaker : Converse
My nano spray from @culistamakeupartist (Instagram)
My socks : @ayyscovered (Instagram)
Photo by my lovely : @deniissurya (Instagram)
Thankyou ya all :)
Location : Plaza Senayan , Jakarta, Indonesia


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