Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hai all.. This time i will tell you about a middle east restaurant in Jakarta. Yup "Abu Nawas Restaurant", I really really like middle east food so i go here with my friend. This is my first time come to this restaurant but i think i will be back !!! Abu Nawas restaurant is an authenthic Middle east and Mediteranian Cuisine location in North Kemang and Matraman East Jakarta. But today i come in Kemang with my friend Denis :).

Okey because im still on diet i cannot eat a lot lamb haha, so i ask the waiter about some food without oil and butter, and they give me a recomendation to order "Riyash Lahm".
Riyash Lahm is a Lamb chops carefull marinated in the aromatic spices of the middle east and carefully barbequed on charcoal. Wow i'm so excited for this menu, so i ordered Riyash Lahm with Khobus (Khobus is a Lebanese bread). And Denis ordered Mandhi rice with Lamb. Mandhi rice is the favorite and bestseller menu in here.

Very satisfactory service here. The waiters very nice and humbles. Mandhi rice just comes and i really want to eat that haha so i just tasted 1 spoon :D "oke cheating my diet again haha". Then my Riyash lahm arrived in our table,yippiiiii :) so excited... You know that i'm a "Lamb lovers" haha. I eat with khobus. it's very very nyummy.. especially when dipped in the chutney sauce they have. Ehmm enak bgttt sumpah !! hahaha.. Kambingnya enak banget rasanyaa juga unik sangat gurihhhh.. it's very very delicious!! trust me...!!!
(saking excitednya sampai campur bahasanya hahaha,,gpp lah ya :D)
Nanti kapan-kapan mau balik sana lagi waktu gak diet jadi bisa makan menu-menu lain yang sangat-sangat bikin ngiler digambarnya..

Anyway when i tasted the mandhi rice , I instantly fell in love hehe.. The lamb was very soft, easily eaten off-the-bone and fits perfectly with the rice that is served upon a big bowl.
Inshaallah i will back again and eat anything.. super excited !!!

Just for your information, after i ask the waiters about the cuisine in Abu nawas, they use an olive oil for all the food., So it save for our diet program hehehe...

Middle eastern atmosphere here. The restaurant consists of two floors there is a table or sitting on the floor or commonly called arabi assembly, also available private room that can accommodate up to 30 people which can be used to show meeting or social gathering.

And bla bla bla here my photos in Abu Nawas Restaurant.. Enjoyy..

More Info about Abu Nawas Restaurant 
*Abu Nawas Resto Kemang
Jl. Kemang Utara no.15 Jakarta Selatan
Phone / Delivery Order : 021-71794691
*Abu Nawas Resto Matraman
Jl. Matraman no.15 Jakarta Timur
Phone / Delivery Order : 021-8583914
Email : (coming soon)

After take a lot photos inside the restaurant now about my outfits detail.. This photo taken in front of the restaurant, very cool spot i think for ootd poses :D i feel like in the middle east area hehe :D Today im wearing My New scarf from @pusatkerudungimpor , super like this scraft, love the material and the pattern, mix with my favorite loose gliter top from Zara and flowy skirt from rani hatta in army color, put my new fur bag in camel color and zara boots in black. Earth tone look for today.. Hope you guys like my look..
Detail Outfits : 
Scarf : @pusatkerudungimpor (instagram)
Loose gliter : Zara
Flowy skirt : Rani Hatta
fur bag : a gift from my friend
Boots : Zara
Photo by : @deniissurya
Location : Abu Nawas Restaurant Kemang , Jakarta , Indonesia


  1. Wah.. ada yang di Matraman juga yak.. insyaAllah bisa cek-cek.. hihihi...

  2. Can't say enough great things about this place! Our server at San Francisco restaurants was productive and nice. The appetizers were excellent, as were the main courses. The food is indeed as good as advertised and they had some solid beer recommendations. I can't wait to come back!


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