Thursday, February 12, 2015


Salaam all... I hope everyone had a wonderful day... Just go out with my cousin today. I wore my carbaya black from my bestfriend brand Novierock. Super in love with this carbaya. Anyway "carbaya" means cardi abaya.. Mix with my white t-shirt from H&M, Zara jeans and my strippy flatshoe. And today i wore my square scarf in shocking pink, I bring my Pla bag in shocking pink too, to make my day more colorful with a Shockpink touch :) So here my looks :)
Outfit Details : 
Scarf : Nawarrah
Cardi Abaya : @Novierock_store (instagram)
White t-shirt : HnM
Jeans : ZARA
Flats : TLTSN
Bags :
Location : Somewhere in Jakarta, Indonesia:)

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