Thursday, June 18, 2015


Lepo Waterfall. Located in Dusun Pokoh 1, Kecamatan Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta is not very easy to find. The reason is the lack of guidance road leading to the tourist sites of this waterfall.

Arriving at the location, if you are driving (please try to ride motorcycle than a car), please park the pages of local residents who have been provided. After that, you have to walk about 300 meters down the trail to the waterfall location. I go here with motorcycle with my sister.

Fortunately, this waterfall has been managed well by the local people. The arrangement of the rocks around the waterfall that allows visitors to descend from one level to the lower level. You can already hear the sound of water from a distance. Next, please treat your eyes with the natural beauty of this three-story waterfall. Here you can see the amazing view .. Subhanallah.. The blue water and green field around the waterfall... Oh this is really beautiful...

Anyway, this waterfall is quite safe for children's play pool. You will see a lot of local children swim in here. Not infrequently, they jumped from the top of the waterfall. Cool overload !! hehehe
So enjoy the photos guys : )

What I Wore : 
Scarf : @butiksafahusna (instagram)
Long Cardi : @nonizakiah_store (instagram)
Black t-shirt : @ranihatta_store (instagram)
Cotton Pant : @crayonpants_id (instagram)
Sneaks : Converse
bags : Carolinda_closet (instagram)
Location : Lepo Waterfall , Dlingo , Bantul ,Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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